Aleksey Kozin
1 min readJan 7, 2021


I think yes

GraphQL hit in a very specific sweet spot:

- nowadays there is a huge demand for distributed systems

- these systems need a communication protocol

- GraphQL smokes competition in this regard: less traffic; flexible, different clients can decide on the shape of data; documentation and playground out of the box and always in think with the system

But then there are some less obvious bonuses:

- clients, like Apollo, can implement complex cache, so even less traffic

as step 1 of system development

- frontend/backend devs + even product owner can come together and think on a GraphQL schema. And they try to come up with types and methods very close to the business, that will reflect not implementation details, but the business aspects/domain.

And then these types can migrate into each part of the system code

Business defined types come naturally from the natural 1 step of system design. That impresses me a lot, how beautiful it is.

So, yes, I think GraphQL will evolve and will become the Universal Type System.



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