Small reusable building blocks

If you work with React or React Native, feel that your coding speed is slow, spend your time catching bugs, and not adding new features, work with long source files and have a hard time finding stuff, and implement the same logic over and over again, you will double your coding speed if you refactor your code into reusable building blocks.

How you will learn

We will look at a React component, that has been written by a…

Why do we want to use TypeScript?

Modern software development best practices require programmers to write tons of code:

  • Business logic
  • Tests. Unit/Integrational/E2E and even types. Types are tests that can be run in massive amount even before you run your program

Without tests, your system will be doomed to face well-known issues:

  • Teams spend most of their time fixing bugs and not adding new features
  • Each newly added feature makes every next feature harder to implement

You need to write tons of code to be on top of your game. Don’t make your life harder. Never again write TypeScript types for GraphQL schema by hand.


Aleksey Kozin

Senior React Native Developer

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